27.08.2019 - Stolen coin in Belgium (Reported Jan 18, 2019)

Please find a picture of a coin recently stolen in Belgium. It is a gold real of Philips II for Brabant, undated and struck in Antwerpen or Maastricht (mintmark on the back, no picture available).


Thanks and kind regards.

Jean-Luc Van der Schueren

27.08.2019 - ROBBERY at Leu Numismatik AG (Reported December 26, 2018)

We are contacting you to let you know that our offices have fallen victim to burglary on Christmas Eve. The thieves stole parts of our Web Auction 6 (9 December 2018), which were currently being prepared for post Christmas-shipment.

An excel-list with short descriptions of all missing coins and pictures of nine higher value items have been attached to this notice (see below). A full list of all 586 stolen lot numbers including pictures and short descriptions can be fe found here: https://leunumismatik.com/9382hf3wj98fcwq0u721sdcc

We urge you have a look at the stolen lots. Reselling thieved ancient coins is not easy – should you be offered any of the missing items or be able to provide any other relevant information, we kindly ask you to contact us or the police immediately at:

Kantonspolizei Zürich
Farid Salem
Bahnhofsplatz 12
8400 Winterthur
+41 52 268 51 61

Leu Numismatik AG
Stadthausstrasse 145
8400 Winterthur
+41 52 214 11 10

We thank you for your support and attention.
Leu Numismatik AG


27.08.2019 - VOL DE MONNAIES PROVINCIALES (Reported December 24, 2016)


A la demande de l’OCBC, nous vous informons du vol de 6 monnaies provinciales dont photos jointes.


Si ces pièces vous sont proposées, merci de contacter le service de la documentation de l’OCBC (ocbc-doc.dcpjac@interieur.gouv.fr) ou le secrétariat (, et demander le groupe de la documentation) en mentionnant le numéro du dossier, à savoir T47077/2018.


Merci pour votre vigilance.






Tél : +33 1 42 96 10 12





27.08.2019 - Stolen/Missing USPS Express Mail Shipment-Palo Alto, California (Reported December 24, 2018)



A package being sent express mail to Palo Alto, California has been reported stolen/missing.



Anyone with information contact:




Doug Davis





27.08.2019 - Lost Collection – Registered with artloss (Reported November 27, 2018)

To all, A collector who wishes to remain anonymous lost these coins. Can you please share his pdf file with everyone you think should be apart of this.

Here is the link to the lost collection list

27.08.2019 - Missing Continental Dollar last scanned in Berkeley, Montana (Reported December 14, 2018)

Missing/Stolen Fedex Package A package being shipped from Dallas, TX to Missouri has been reported missing/stolen. The package was last scanned in Berkeley, MO.



1776 $1 Continental Dollar, CURENCY, Pewter AU55 NGC. Newman 1-B, Breen-1086, Hodder 1-A.2, W-8435, High R.7. 


Anyone with information contact:


Doug Davis

+1- 817-723-7231


27.08.2019 - Fedex parcel stolen on its way from Stuttgart to Brooklyn (Reported December 14, 2018)

Fedex parcel was stolen on its way from Stuttgart to Brooklyn it contained pieces from a recent auction from Auktionen Münzhandlung Sonntag.

The parcel contained the following 3 pieces from The AMS Auction 29:











Best wishes,


Kira Eisenach



18 Bridge Street, Suite 3A

Brooklyn NY 11201 USA

tel +1 (718) 643-4383; fax +1 (718) 643-4384


27.08.2019 - Stolen/Lost-Ancient Coin Fedex Harlan Berk (Reported November 08, 2018)

A Fedex package being sent from Roma Numismatics in London to Harlan J. Berk Chicago, IL has been reported Stolen/Lost. The package contained an Athenian tetradrachm 16.87 grams and is pictured below.


The package appears to have been Stolen/Lost at Customs /Fedex office Memphis TN.


Anyone with information contact: Doug Davis +1-817-723-7231 Doug@numismaticcrimes.org

27.08.2019 - Coins on the to Belgium (Reported October 01, 2018)

Here are pictures of coins that were sent to our Belgian customers following direct after our auction in May 2018. Strangely enough, only the delivery by Swiss Post to our Belgian customers has been lost. Even the research of us via Swiss post and the research of our Belgian customers by Belgian post came only to the result: Package lost!


For any further questions please contact us in any case.

Thanks and kind regards

Petra Köster

Client Relations
Limmatquai 112
CH-8001 Zürich

Tel. +41-44-215‘10‘90
Fax +41-44-215’10‘99

27.08.2019 - World Banknotes stolen in Pacific Northwest, USA (Reported October 23, 2018)

A large number of foreign banknotes were stolen from Novaonline while loading his vehicle after the recent Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association coin show.

2153 World Banknotes

Each sleeve contains the following:

Top right hand corner 1 inch label in black or blue ink country,pick number + any variations, condition/grade. Some prices show a mark down in red ink.

Value approximately $20,000


( A complete list is available from Novaonline)


Anyone with information contact:


Doug Davis