27.08.2019 - Stolen – Large Amount Gold Coins in Milan Italy (Reported February 16, 2018)

I would like to inform you that  15/2/2018 some World Gold Coins, NGC& PCGS graded coins from inventory of my company PLANET NUMISMATICS or my private collection were stolen at Milan Italy.

  Was fraud investors, elegant and wealthy presented that using fake money (copies of 500€ currency). They pretend strong buyers for Gold Coins, Luxury atches, paintings and diamonds, they want to behave like a Fund with huge capacity. They using the names :  David Kunz (kunz.david@financier.com), Mattia Verner (Lorenzlev nick name and email: vernerinvest@gmail.com), Mr. Samuel as Head, to start the contact with you. They are Frauds !!! professionals to cheat.

Italian authorities (reported to Milan Police Department)  already searching for the coins and the frauds.

Coins are:

1. Greece, 1876 Gold 5 Drachmai, George I, PCGS MS63 , Cert #  30189965 ( https://www.pcgs.com/cert/30189965)

2. Great Britain, 1826 Gold 2 Pounds, S-3799 WR-228 LE, PCGS pr63cameo  Cert# 27540387 ( https://www.pcgs.com/cert/27540387)

3. Monaco, 1884 Gold 100 Francs, PCGS MS62 , Cert # 84368758 ( https://www.pcgs.com/cert/84368758 )

4. JORDAN, 1969 AH1389//1969, KM#27, Gold 25 Dinars, PCGS PR67DCAM, Cert # 34118167 ( https://www.pcgs.com/cert/34118167 )

5. USA, 1904 Gold $20, PCGS MS64, Cert# 34117678 ( https://www.pcgs.com/cert/34117678 )

6. Greece, (1935) Gold 100 Drachmai, George II, NGC PF63 Ultra Cameo , Cert # 3928833-001 ( https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/3928833-001/63/)

7. Australia, 1885-S, Sovereign NGC MS63, Cert # 22793014-007 (https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2793014-007/63/)

8. Cyprus, 1966 Gold Sovereign, Makarios, NGC PF66, Cert# 3932404-001 (https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/3932404-001/66/)

9. Great Britain, 1872 Gold Sovereign, Shield No Die Number, Cert# 2789706-011 (https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2789706-011/63/)


Best Regards,

Panagiotis Zompos

+306945552572, +302113110163


27.08.2019 - Important vol de monnaies, essentiellement françaises et quelques monnaies antiques, du Val de Marne le samedi 24 février 2018

Important vol de monnaies, essentiellement françaises et quelques monnaies antiques, commis au préjudice d’un collectionneur du Val de Marne le samedi 24 février 2018 Vol par ruse par des individus se prétendant policiers. Déclaration de vol au commissariat de Saint Maur les Fossés ( PV n° 01018/2018/000989 ) Affaire suivie par le Capitaine Julien Bourlet de La brigade de répression du banditisme (BRB) julien.bourlet@interieur.gouv.fr tel : 01 87 27 68 75

Cliquez ici pour la liste

27.08.2019 - Robbery of a Museum Near Aix-en-provence (Reported April 17, 2018)

Please find attached a list of gold coins stolen in the night of 13-14 April, 2018.


List of coins

27.08.2019 - Notes Stolen at the Valkenburg Show (Reported April 30, 2018)

The following notes were stolen at the Valkenburg Show April 3-8 2018.

Stolen Notes

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis +1-817-723-7231


27.08.2019 - Simon Bendall burgled (Reported February 13, 2018)

Simon Bendall, the well known Byzantine specialist, has been burgled. He has lost his entire and extensive collection of Byzantine coins, along with various other coins, medals and tokens. Further details will follow. In the meantime should you have any information please contact David Guest of Classical Numismatic Group, details below, or Police Constable Swift (ID 2109CW) of the City of Westminster Police. Crime reference number CAD 5902/12Feb18.

Many thanks, David Guest


27.08.2019 - Coins missing in the Gotha Museum (Reported January 26, 2018)

Please be aware of the following listed coins which were stolen from the museum (the lots mentioned in the right column are for information purposes) .


Click here for the list.

27.08.2019 - Stolen Medal (Reported January 18, 2018)

Renaissance AE cast medal Pope Julius II c. 1506 Hill no. 661. Stolen from the mail between France and Kansas Nov. 13-16, 2027. Medal is holed at 12 o’clock. 56 mm, 46 grams on St. Peter

David Guest

Classical Numismatic Group
Incorporating Seaby Coins
20 Bloomsbury Street

Tel. #44 (0) 207 495 1888

27.08.2019 - Stolen Jeton (Reported January 17, 2018)

Un vol avec effraction a eu lieu à LA ROCHELLE dans la nuit du 2 au 3 janvier. Ont été dérobées des monnaies antiques, féodales, royales, modernes, étrangères…
Une liste des monnaies volées est en pièce jointe.
A noter plus particulièrement, un plateau de jetons du siège de la Rochelle en 1628 et le jeton de Bordeaux inédit pour les Landes de Bordeaux dont photo jointe ainsi que 50 médailles de St Benoît.
Noter également un 1/2 sol aux tables de la loi pour La Rochelle dans un très bel état qui le rend rare et reconnaissable.
Plainte a été déposée le 8 janvier au Commissariat de Police de la Rochelle. Si ces pièces vous sont présentées, merci de contacter FABRICE DAVID, Brigadier Chef de Police au 05 46 51 36 36.


Tél : 01 42 96 10 12


27.08.2019 - Stolen Hadrian Bronze (Reported January 17, 2018)

A customer of ours was stolen his coin bought in Spain (photo attached) by mail from Barcelona to Stuttgart, The shipment was opened, the coin stolen and then closed again. It is a Sesterz of Hadrian, lot number 197 from the December auction 1100-1 of Marti Hervera & Soler y Llach from  19 of December. A theft report to the police is done. Should someone notice this coin or even be offered, we ask for a short message.

with thanks and best regards

H. Poley

Auktionen Münzhandlung Sonntag,


Charlottenstr. 4          D-70182 Stuttgart

Tel.: 0711-244457      Fax: 0711-233936

27.08.2019 - Stolen -Large Amount Gold 20 Marks in Chicago (Reported December 31, 2017)

Residential Burglary

We have received information from a Chicago dealer regarding a residential burglary in the Chicago area where 300 gold German 20 marks were taken.  No further information is available at this time. However, be aware of this offense in case any person or persons brings in quantities of 20 marks.     

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis