The following coins were bought using a bad check. The check was written by a John Martin using a London address.
Ancient Coins CC93909          Ptolemaic, Ptolemy II; Struck under Ptolemy II (285-246 BC), Octadrachm, 27.76g. Svoronos-475, Sear-7768. Obv: Head of Arsinoe II r., wearing diadem, stephane and veil, behind K. Rx: ΑΡΣΙΝΟΗΣ – ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΟΥ Double cornucopia bound with fillet. Formerly NGC XF, 5/5, 4/5.Tiny contact mark on reverse edge at 1:00 . Near Mint State Video Link  https://vimeo.com/361902074 Cc93797            

Zeugitania, Carthage; c. 350-320 BC, Stater, 9.31g. Jenkins-Group IIIf, 37. Obv: Head of Tanit l., wreathed with wheat, wearing necklace of pendants and triple-drop earring. Rx: Horse standing r. on exergual line; group of three small pellets before. From a private Michigan collection.. Mint State Video Link  https://vimeo.com/360878232 Cc93803       

Ptolemaic, Ptolemy II with Arsinöe II, Ptolemy I, & Berenike I; 285-246 BC, Half Mnaïeion, 13.91g. Svoronos-603, CPE-314, Dewing-2753. Obv: Jugate busts of Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II r., ΑΔΕΛΦΩΝ above, Celtic shield behind. Rx: Jugate busts of Ptolemy I and Berenike I r., ΘΕΩΝ above. From a private Michigan collection.. Near Mint State Video Link:  https://vimeo.com/360880558 Cc93798       

Tiberius; 14-37 AD, Lugdunum, Aureus, 7.79g. BM-46, C-15 (40 Fr.), Paris-26, RIC-29 (R ), Calicó-305. Obv: TI CAESAR DIVI – AVG F AVGVSTVS Head laureate r. Rx: PONTIF – MAXIM Livia seated r. holding scepter and branch, throne legs ornamented, footstool below feet, single line beneath throne. From a private Michigan collection. Tribute Penny type in gold.. Mint State / gEF Video Link: https://vimeo.com/360878444 Cc93801       

Gordian III; 238-244 AD, Rome, 240 AD, Aureus, 5.01g. RIC-80 (R ), C-233 (120 Fr.), Calicó-3220. Obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG Bust laureate, draped, cuirassed r. Rx: P M TR P III COS P P Gordian on horse pacing l., raising r. hand and holding spear. From a private Michigan collection.. Mint State Video Link:  https://vimeo.com/360878902 

United States Coins Us70934   Standing Liberty 25¢, 1917-D, Type 1, 25¢, MS66 FH, PCGS/CACSuperb, original mint frost with colors of light amber, orange and pale blue about the devices and peripheries. Hammered striking detail and excellent eye appeal. CAC Verified. From The Live Oak Collection Part 5.  Serial #25689894 Us70952   Standing Liberty 25¢, 1930, 25¢, MS65 FH, PCGS.  Frosty, original white, well struck and true to grade. Still in the old green tag holder. From The Live Oak Collection Part 5.  Serial #
2653642 Us70766  $3 Gold 1874 AU58 PCGS Serial 3348967

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