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27.08.2019 - Missing Continental Dollar last scanned in Berkeley, Montana (Reported December 14, 2018)

Missing/Stolen Fedex Package A package being shipped from Dallas, TX to Missouri has been reported missing/stolen. The package was last scanned in Berkeley, MO.



1776 $1 Continental Dollar, CURENCY, Pewter AU55 NGC. Newman 1-B, Breen-1086, Hodder 1-A.2, W-8435, High R.7. 


Anyone with information contact:


Doug Davis

+1- 817-723-7231


27.08.2019 - Fedex parcel stolen on its way from Stuttgart to Brooklyn (Reported December 14, 2018)

Fedex parcel was stolen on its way from Stuttgart to Brooklyn it contained pieces from a recent auction from Auktionen Münzhandlung Sonntag.

The parcel contained the following 3 pieces from The AMS Auction 29:











Best wishes,


Kira Eisenach



18 Bridge Street, Suite 3A

Brooklyn NY 11201 USA

tel +1 (718) 643-4383; fax +1 (718) 643-4384


27.08.2019 - Stolen/Lost-Ancient Coin Fedex Harlan Berk (Reported November 08, 2018)

A Fedex package being sent from Roma Numismatics in London to Harlan J. Berk Chicago, IL has been reported Stolen/Lost. The package contained an Athenian tetradrachm 16.87 grams and is pictured below.


The package appears to have been Stolen/Lost at Customs /Fedex office Memphis TN.


Anyone with information contact: Doug Davis +1-817-723-7231 Doug@numismaticcrimes.org

27.08.2019 - Coins on the to Belgium (Reported October 01, 2018)

Here are pictures of coins that were sent to our Belgian customers following direct after our auction in May 2018. Strangely enough, only the delivery by Swiss Post to our Belgian customers has been lost. Even the research of us via Swiss post and the research of our Belgian customers by Belgian post came only to the result: Package lost!


For any further questions please contact us in any case.

Thanks and kind regards

Petra Köster

Client Relations
Limmatquai 112
CH-8001 Zürich

Tel. +41-44-215‘10‘90
Fax +41-44-215’10‘99

27.08.2019 - World Banknotes stolen in Pacific Northwest, USA (Reported October 23, 2018)

A large number of foreign banknotes were stolen from Novaonline while loading his vehicle after the recent Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association coin show.

2153 World Banknotes

Each sleeve contains the following:

Top right hand corner 1 inch label in black or blue ink country,pick number + any variations, condition/grade. Some prices show a mark down in red ink.

Value approximately $20,000


( A complete list is available from Novaonline)


Anyone with information contact:


Doug Davis



27.08.2019 - Stolen Between Zurich and Sweden (Reported October 20, 2018)

These three coins that were stolen en route to Sweden. The coins were stolen most likely in Zurich and that was the last known point where they were scanned. I’m attaching the three coins.

Shanna Schmidt, Numismatist

+1-708-655-4836 (cell)



27.08.2019 - Stolen from Ashmolean Museum (Reported October 3, 2018)


Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Stolen coin:

The Nine-fold script Huang Song tongbao coin



A recent systematic check revealed that a Chinese coin of AD 1038 from Western Xia deriving from the collection of KutsukiMasatuna, an eighteenth century Japanese prince, went missing from the Oxford collection sometime after 1940-1941 but before 2005. This looks to have been a theft through the substitution of a superficially similar coin. A rubbing of the coin exists (see p. 2). This was a significant loss, with a current value of perhaps £100,000. As the coin is so rare it may come to attention. Should anyone have any information about its whereabouts please contact:

Chris Howgego, Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2PH, UK:

Email: Chris.Howgego@ashmus.ox.ac.uk

Phone: 0044 (0)1865 278063


Further information

The calligraphic style is called Nine-fold script. The coin was similar to, but not the same as, the following onesold at an auction 14/11/2010:


The Nine-fold Huang Song tongbao of the Ashmolean Museum originally belonged to KutuskiMasatsuna (1750-1802) daimyo of Fukushiyama, also called Tamba Prince. He published this coin in 1798 in his Wakan kokonsenkakan和漢古今泉貨鑑(Album of Chinese and Japanese coins old and new).

Here is the rubbing of themissing Nine-fold Huang Song tongbao coin.


The Nine-fold Huang Song tongbaocoins are very rare. One coin was sold at an auction in Beijing in 2010 (14th November) for the price of 952,000 RMB, which is equivalent to 109,047GBP.


Chris Howgego, 1 October 2018

27.08.2019 - Stolen/Redirected-Certified Coins-FedEx in California (Reported August 8, 2018)

Attached is a complete list of the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation certified coins

which were in the shipment to us that was stolen (“redirected”) from Fed Ex on August 15.

Preliminary investigations suggest either extreme incompetence or an inside job.


If you are approached to buy any of this material, please help us recover it and call the

police, then notify us.   If you have already acquired any, give me a call and we can work

together with the authorities and insurer to make us both whole again.


Mish International Monetary Inc


1154 University Drive

Menlo Park CA 940225

+1 (650)-324-9110 

27.08.2019 - Stolen coins in Russia (Reported August 17, 2018)



Shipping was from Anapa to Kaliningrad.

Coins “disappeared” in transit point -Moscow.

Date of shipping:21st of July,2018.

Shipping by courier company CDEK.


 No.of shipping – 1087480292




Total 5 (five) coins were stolen-all ancient greek silver coins.

Name: Yury
E-mail: Baltican@yandex.ru
Telephone: +79052493866

27.08.2019 - Coins and Banknotes stolen – Florida (Reported August 9, 2018)

The Seminole County Sheriff”s Dept in Florida is investigating a residential burglary. The suspects entered the residence and removed a safe containing a large amount of coins  and currency.

Anyone with information contact:
Michelle Smithson – Investigator – Seminole County – Sheriff’s Dept. Office +1 (407) 665-1772 msmithson@seminolesheriff.org

or Doug Davis +1-817-723-7231 Doug@numismaticcrimes.org

Denomination Name Country Mint Material Grading house Grading Certification Number
1 Ecu Roi Louis XIIII France 9 Silver NGC MS 61 2794957-004
1/4 Thaler Holy Roman Emperor Carl VI Austria Silver NGC AU 58 2668641-002
1 Thaler Holy Roman Emperor Franc I Austria KB Silver NGC AU Details 2668641-004
1 Thaler Holy Roman Emperor Franc II (Last) Austria C Silver NGC XF Details 2668641-003
2 Real Charles III Spain M Silver NGC VF 30 2668641-005
1 Thaler Holy Roman Emperor Leopold Austria Silver NGC VF 25 2668641-001
1 Thaler Holy Roman Emperor Leopold Austria Silver NGC AU Details 4274730-002
1 Escudo Charles III Spain M Gold NGC XF 40 2668641-006
5 Pesetas King Alfonso XIII Spain Silver NGC AU Details 4188588-045
5 Franc Empereur Napoleon III France BB Silver NGC VF Details 2797686-004
Medal Queen Victoria Great Britain Roman I Silver NGC AU 58 3597359-034
5 Shillings King George VI Great Britain Copper-Nickel NGC PL 64 4214484-004
1$ Peace USA Silver NGC MS 64 3249698-033
50 $ Eagle USA Gold NGC MS 70 3257199-078
50 $ Eagle USA Gold NGC MS 70 4307957-002
5 Roubles Tsar Nicholas II Russia AT Gold NGC AU 58 3698770-002
5 Franc Empereur Napoleon III France BB Gold NGC UNC Details 3698770-003
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS 70 4274775-010
1$ Eagle USA W Silver NGC MS 70 3081997-128
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS 70 3862362-040
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS 70 4291674-025
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS 70 3375791-128
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS 70 3453052-175
1$ Eagle Reverse Proof USA S Silver NGC PF 70 379007-214
1$ Eagle Proof USA S Silver NGC PF 70 3678769-064
1$ Eagle USA W Silver NGC MS 70 3564885-159
1$ Eagle USA W Silver NGC MS70 3772098-151
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS 70 3855755-438
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS 70 3983164-456
1$ Eagle USA W Silver NGC MS 70 3983638-019
1$ Eagle USA Silver NGC MS70 4306075-118
8 Soles Simon Bolivar Bolivia R Silver NNC AU 50 2097943
8 Reales Charles III Spain MO Silver NGC AU Details 3698770-001
1 Thaler Kaiser William Germany A Silver NGC AU 58 3881173-013
1 Thaler Empress Maria Theresa Austria IC-FA Silver NGC AU Details 3698770-006
5 Mark King Ludwig II of Bavaria Germany D Silver NGC VF 35 3698770-005
15 Kreuzer Holy Roman Emperor Franc I Austria KB Silver NGC AU 58 3212285-019
1$ Morgan USA S Silver NGC MS 63 3121774-001
Medal Admiral Vernon Cartagena, both knees Great Britain Copper NGC AU Details 3915194-001
Medal Admiral Vernon Cartagena, one Knee Great Britain Copper NGC XF45 2039186-022
3 Mark Kaiser William II Germany A Silver NGC AU 58 2614958-005
1$ Morgan USA Silver NAC MS 66 L820587
1$ Morgan USA Silver NAC MS 66 L820701
Bullion Johnson Matthey USA Silver A030205
Bullion Credit Suisse Swiss Gold 93612
Bullion PAMP Swiss Gold 892476
Bullion Scottsdale USA Silver 15017397
Bullion Johnson Matthey USA Silver A060956
Bullion PAMP Swiss Gold C124385
Bullion PAMP Swiss Gold C129031
Bullion PAMP Swiss Gold C124382
Bullion PAMP Swiss Gold C124383
Bullion PAMP Swiss Gold C124384

Bank Notes:

1928 $500 federal reserve Kansas City redeemable in gold serial number J00009044A PMG certified

1953-A $5 dollars star note PMG 63 silver certificate

1935A $1 star note PCGS 53

1935G with MOTTO silver certificate PCGS 63 PPQ

1954 $1 Devils face canada

1792 france 25livres assignat PCGS 62

1958 5NF france overprint PMG 35

1963A $10 error certified Smeared solvent on the back of the bill

1914 5$ certified PCGS or PMGVF30

1928D $2 Star Note USA certified

1935E $1 Dollar low serial number PPQ66

1995 $2 Star PCGS 64 PPQ low swrial number

1928 B $1 PMG 63

1957 B $1 Star PMG 66 A block

1969C $1 low SN 000070 PCGS 66 PPQ

2003 $2 Star cleveland PPQ 67 SN D00010155

2009 $50 star Dallas PCGS 58 SN JK00288141

2006 $1 Star Atlanta PCGS 64 PPQ SN F00002978

1999 $10 Star BK federal reserve PMG 65

2003 $5 star Federal reserve PCGS 64 PPQ

2004 10$ PCGS 67

2004 $20 Star PCGS 67PPQ

1935 C 1$ Silver certificate

2014 50,000 livres lebanon

1959 10 nouveaux Francs

1895 1 Peso Colombia PMG 55 serial number 811224

1994 10,000 Pesos Colombia PMG 64 SN 0000835

1984  France 500 francs PMG certified 67 EPQ , certification # 6002750-052 serial number F207 57484

1977 Colombia 1 peso Oro PMG 66 EPQ cert # 2507324-088 serial number 50190377

1965 20 pesos Colombia PMG 67 EPQ  cert# 8026537-011 serial number O88922542

1970 Sultanate Oman PMG 66 EPQ 8050706-057 serial number A/2 420329

1976 France 10 francs PMG 67 EPQ cert # 8051017-027 srial number Y296 726092

1979 France 50 francs, PMG 66 EPQ cert# 8051017-032 serial number G21 969360

1997 France 20 francs PMG 65 EPQ cert# 8050995-056 A061 207141

1970 Great Britain PMG 65 serial number 0070

1970 Great Britain PMG 63 serial number 0069

1918 50 Mark germany PMG certified 66 SN B33107411

1922 Germany 10,000Mark PMG 66 R01648453 type D

1970 Spain 100 pesetas PMG 66 SN 7G6896963

1943 Germany 5 mark PMG 66 SN L13123681

1966 Great Britain 10 pounds PMG 65 SN A87 845986

1962 great britain 5 pounds (2 consecutive bills) PMG certified 65 & 66

1953 Colombia 5 pesos PMG 64 Specimen number 43

1953 Colombia 1/2 peso oro PMG 64 serial number C1671748

2018 $1 America silver eagle NGC 70

1964 half a dollar Kennedy head roll of 25

1927 1 nicaragua PMG65 highest rated

1904 republic of colombia ICG 48 EF  serial number 0768501

1945 Colombia 2 pesos ICG 60 serial number I20701723

1941 Colombia 5 pesos ICG certified serial number C1762783