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Genèva. Pièces volées.
Ces pièces ont été volées à Genève aujourd’hui (jeudi 12 juin 2014).
Il s’agit de 30 pièces grecques modernes (1832-1930). 29 sont en slab NGC, seule la 5 drachmes 1845 n’est pas en slab.
Merci de faire suivre l’information et de nous contacter le cas échéant.


Frank Baldacci,NGSA, Numismatica Genevensis SA, Rond-Point de Plainpalais, 1, 1205 Genève / Suisse, Tel +41 22 320 46 40,
Fax +41 22 329 21 62
, email [email protected]


Essen, Germany, Ossmann, Stolen Coins

Last weekend the collection of the widow Mrs. Ossman was stolen in her home in Essen, Germany.



Lost in Mail – Probus Aureus

The following coin, stolen while in transit in 1998, has resurfaced in the UK and will possibly be offered on the UK or European market. If you are offered it or have any information about it please contact Eric McFadden at CNG London office.
Probus, aureus, Ticinum mint, 6.39g, RIC 308. Ex Sotheby’s 15-16 October 1998, lot 74



Baltimore – Stolen Medals at the Coin Show


2X2 BLUE BOX OF CIVIL WAR TOKENS-approximately 45, mostly 1863, including some Store Cards.

COINS AND MEDALS-partial list/approximate no-40. Most of these items are related to the Protestant Reformation

  • 1537 German silver medal depicting Charles V by Hans Reinhartthe Elder. 65.4 mm.
  • 1632 German Gustavus Adolphus silver medal by Sebastian Dadler. 40 mm.
  • 1617 Strassburg Centennial Anniversary of Reformation. Klippetaler. NGc AU 58 No. 1947s93-(001-001).
  • 1715(17) Jan Hus medal.41 mm.
  • 1719 (ND) Zurich. 200th Anniversary of the Reformation in Zurich. Silver. 35 mm. Hans Gessner. Heinrich Bullinger.
  • 1735 200th Anniversary of Reformation in Geneva by Jean Dassier. Bronze. 54 mm.
  • 1748 Augsburg Centennial of Peace of Westphalia. Silver.
  • 1782 medal commemorating the Edict of Toleration by Joseph ll of Austria. 44 mm.
  • 1819 Zurich gold ducat. NGC MS63 No. 518526-005.
  • 1909 Jean Calvin bronze medal. mm x mm.
  • Between 1819-1990 medals related to all aspects of the Protestant

Reformation in a2x2 Blue Box-approximate no: 75

  • 1904 Hesse-Darmstadt 5 mark silver crown.
  • 1904 Hesse-Darmstadt 2 mark silver crown.
  • 1908 2nd German Reich 5 mark silver crown.
  • 1932 Anniversary of death of Jean Calvin by Pierre Turin. Bronze. 68 mm.
  • ND Jan Hus plaque. 73 x 118 mm. High Relief.

General Medals-approximate no. 30

  • 2 or 3 Seed Throwers
  • Karl Goetz, Lusitania
  • Peter Abelard
  • 2–1923 German lnflation medals, one by Fritz Hornlein.
  • Large Belgium lndependence medal w/Leopold ll and Lady w/Lion.
  • Aachen, Charlemagne medal.
  • 1956 Mining Congo. Bronze. 85 mm.
  • Corsica. Art Nouveau. Bronze. 50 x 70 mm.
  • 1948 Czech Awa rd . View of Prague . 92 x 52.
  • 1931 Sweden Railway. Art Deco. 50 mm.
  • 1878 Parisian Expo.
  • 1904 Bronze St. Louis World’s Fair-Triangular shaped.

lf you have any information, please contact: Anne Arundel County Police Department, Phone: 410-222-6135, 8495 Veterans Highway, Millersville, MD 21108, Case Number: 2014-711698


Karl Stephens 760-731-6138, [email protected]



Bruxelles – Stolen in the mail

Stolen sometime after 20th March in Brussels from the mail:

Henry VI Salut d’or, E270c in VF condition, ex-the Reigate Brokes Road Hoard 1990, and originally sold at the Glendinning Auction of 8 December 1992, Lot 121.  All details are on the attached printout from the DNW Auction of 12 December 2005, lot 955.


I hope that the thief may slip-up and try and sell it in France, Belgium or the Netherlands which may lead to one of your members spotting the coin.  It is not too bright, having a deep gold toning.


For more information: Grahame Foster, 11 Hibiscus Close, SPEERS POINT  NSW  2284, AUSTRALIA