ANCIENT - Roman Republican - ID: 1821

    Submitter: Jean-Luc VAN DER SCHUEREN, Laurent JERNANDER

    Added: 2007-01-19

    Source: IAPN member contribution

    Ruler: A. Postumius A.f. Sp.n. Albinus

    Metal: Silver

    Denomination: Denarius

    Diameter: 18,5

    Gewicht: 3 g

    A. POSTUMIUS ALBINUS (Roman Republic).

    Bust of Diana r. Rv. Rock, on which stands altar, on r., togate, on l. bull.
    3,218 g. 12h. 18,5 mm.
    Ilya Prokopov and Eugeni Paunov, Cast Forgeries of Classical Coins from Bulgaria, 2004, 67, 103.

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