- ID: 58

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1997-08-15

    BREMEN, City

    5 Mark 1906. Minted in Hamburg.
    Av.: Crowned shield supported by two lions, below mintmark.
    Rv.: Crowned eagle.
    Weight and diameter as the original piece.

    Ref.: cf. Jaeger 60.

    FAKE – Dangerous fake with the following characteristics:
              Obv.: 1.) Both E of FREIE with two small cross-strokes. 2.) Small scratch between A and N of HANSESTADT. 3.) Small stroke at the end of the first S of HANSESTADT.
              Rev.: 1.) A scratch behind the 6 of 1906 which goes into the perls of the rim. 2.) In the star below the date a mall scratch.

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