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    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 2001-04-17

    Fausta, wife of Constantine I.

    AV-Solidus, 326.
    Av.: Draped bust to r.
    Rv.: Fausta standing facing, holding an infant in each arm.
    4,77 g.

    Ref.: BoC 24/1, 1999, p. 17, 8A, Cohen 14.

    ” 101366 2001-04-19
    Licinia Eudoxia. Solidus. AV-Solidus “

    Licinia Eudoxia, wife of Valentinianus III.

    AV-Solidus, mint of Ravenna.
    Av.: Bust of Licinia Eudoxia facing, wearing crown with cross, six spikes and strings of pearls.
    Rv.: Empress seated facing, holding globe cruciger and long cross.
    4,42 g.

    Ref.: BoC 24/1, 1999, p. 17, 9A, Cohen 1.


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