- ID: 85

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1997-10-05

    Hidrieus, Satrap, 351-344 BC.

    Av.: Laureated head of Apollon, three-quarter facing.
    Rv.: Zeus Labraundus, wearing long garment, walking to r., holding spear in l. hand and double axe over r. shoulder.
    Usual weight.

    BoC:  21/1, 1996, p.11. (this illustrated), see also BoC 10/2, 1985, p. 16,4 (14,20 g.).

    FAKE – While the false Hidrieus illustrated in the BoC 1985 is a product of the “Galvano Boys”, the other counterfeit, illustrated in the Internet, are made by followers of those manufactures. Clearly coins from the large Carian hoard of the 1970s were copied.

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