ANCIENT - Greek SICILY Syracuse - ID: 6299

    Submitter: Jean-Luc VAN DER SCHUEREN, Laurent JERNANDER

    Added: 2016-08-25

    Region: SICILY

    City: Syracuse

    Metal: Silver

    Denomination: Dekadrachm

    Diameter: 40,29-40,67

    Poids: 43 g

    Sicily. Syracuse. Silver Decadrachm. Ca 405-400 BC. Signed once on the obverse and twice on the reverse by Cimon. Fast quadriga left in three-querter view, third horse with head lowered, above Nike flying right to crown charioteer, die engraver’s KIMΩN in tiny letters on upper side of exergual line, in exergue panoply of arms (shield, cuirass between greaves, and helmet) labeled AΘΛA/ ΣYPAKOΣΙΩ, head of Arethusa left wearing pendant earring and pearl necklace, wavy hair confined by ampyx and netted sphendone, four dolphins around, die engraver’s initial K on the amphyx and full signature KIMΩN on dolphin below neck truncation. Jongkees 3 (A/y). Rizzo pl lii, 3 (same dies). Gulbekian 303 (same dies). Antikenmuseum Basel+ Sammlung Ludwig 479 (same dies). SNG Lockett 988 (same dies). Die axes: 06 h.
    IBSCC Case: 2016/02/03

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