ANCIENT - Greek - ID: 6805

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 2021-03-04

    Metal: Silver

    Diameter: 39

    Poids: 4319 g

    Sicily. Syracuse. Silver decadrachm, 400 BC. Obv. Fast quadriga driven left by charioteer, holding reins and kentron; in field above, Nike flying right to crown him. In exergue, display of military harness set on two steps, AΘΛA below. Rev. ΣΥΡΑ-ΚΟΣΙΩΝ. Head of Arethusa left, wearing earring with pendant and beaded necklace; wavy hair bound in front with ampyx. Around three dolphins, while a fourth makes dorsal contact with neck truncation. [EY-AINE] below, signature of the engraver Evainetos. Gallatin C. VII/R. IV; SNG ANS 365 (same dies).

    IBSCC Case n°2020/01/05

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