- ID: 380

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1998-04-21

    Marc Antony and Octavian.

    AV-Aureus, 41. B.C., with L. Gellius Publicola.
    Av.: M.ANT.I(MP).(AV)G.III.VIR.R.P.C.L.GELL.Q.P.  Head of Marc Antony to r., behind, jug.
    Rv.: CAESAR.IMP.PONT.III.VIR.R.P.C. Head of Octavian to r., behind, lituus.
    8,02 g. 21 mm.

    Ref.: Crawford 517/7. Sydenham 1187. Cohen 9.

    BoC: 20/2, 1995/6, p. 6.

    FAKE – “The Galvano Boys”. A dangerous counterfeit of this very rare issue of Marc Antony´s with the moneyer L. Gellius. We can assume that a genuine aureus from a hoard rumoured to have been found in the Near East in ca. 1985 was copied. The surface of the false coin is very smooth, as opposed to the rough surfaces of the few known genuine items of this isuue and of the aurei of the late Civil War period.

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