- ID: 404

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1998-04-25

    ITALY. Papal State.
    Anastasius III, 911-913.

    Av.: +RO.:.MA.  Monogram of Anastasius.
    Rv.: S/C/S – PE/TR/VS  Bust of St. Peter, facing.
    1,12 g. c. 20 mm.

    Ref.: cf. CNI 1. Muntoni p.15,1.

    BoC: 20/2, 1995/6, p. 31.

    FAKE – For a second counterfeit see BoC 20/2, p. 31. These two pieces copy the unique denarius of this pope. They are struck too sharply and the edges are also too sharp. They probably date from the end of the 19th century.

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