- ID: 184

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1997-12-26

    Orophernes, c. 160-156 B.C.

    Av.: Diademed head of Orophernes r.
    Rv.: Athena standing l. with palm branch, crowning the king`s name, inl. field, owl seated on low column, below, monogram.
    16,42 g.

    Ref.: Simonetta, The Coins of the Cappadocian Kings (1977), p. 29, 1. Mørkholm, Some Cappadocian problems, NC 1962, 409-410.

    BoC.: 17/2, 1992/3, p. 6.

    FAKE – “The Galvano Boys”. For the comparision with the genuine pieces and the discussions see the BoC. One piece appeared 1991, another came a year later.

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