- ID: 118

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1997-11-10

    SYRACUSE. Selinos.

    AR-Didrachm, c. 540-510 B.C..
    Av.: Selinon leaf.
    Rv.: Incuse square, divided into eight sections.
    Between 8,6 and 9,2 g.

    BoC.: 18/1, 1993, p.2. (Six pieces from the group are illustrated.)

    FAKE – This illustrated piece is one type of a group of some 200 silver didrachms of Selinus which were offered in Switzerland as being half the “cream” of a large hoard which came on the market in c. 1984.
    These counterfeits are struck from modern dies. The silver is whitish with a faint pink tinge. The weights are correct. Some of the coins show a deposit, half soil, half corrossion.

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