- ID: 326

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1998-03-22

    SICILY. Syracuse.

    AR-Dekadrachm, signed by Kimon.
    Av.: Quadriga to l., horses galloping above, Nike flying to r., crowning charioteer, in exergue, arms.
    Rv.: Head of Arethusa to l., sourrounded by four dolphins. On the dolphin below the neck truncation, signature, on hairband, K.
    Normal weight.

    Ref.: cf. Jongkees, The Kimonian Decadrachms (1941), obv. B/rev. y.

    BoC: 21/2, 1996/97, p. 11.

    FAKE – A twin of the counterfeit which we already published in BoC 16/1, 1991, p.16. These counterfeits are struck (pressed) from modern dies. The fields are somewhat flat and the hornsilver is utterly artificial.

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