ANCIENT - Greek KINGS of MACEDON - ID: 2396

    Submitter: Jean-Luc VAN DER SCHUEREN, Laurent JERNANDER

    Added: 2012-05-07

    Source: IBSCC Condemned

    Region: KINGS of MACEDON

    Ruler: Alexander III

    Métal: Gold

    Denomination: Stater

    Poids: 8 g

    ANCIENT – Greek KINGS of MACEDON Alexander III Metal: Gold Denomination: Stater 8,615g, Obverse: Head of Pallas Athene right in helmet decorated with coiled serpent, the double crest with two ends showing onhe turning up, the other down, hair in four main plaits or ringlets, no ear showing. Reverse Nike standing half-left, looking left, holding wreath and standard monogram left: incomplete star of six points left,?????????? to right. Crude workmanship. Ref: BoC n° 1/1 1976 p.9 n°1