- ID: 377

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-04-21

    MACEDONIA. Skione.

    Av.: Head of a bearded warrior to r., wearing a crested Corinthian helmet, below, letter pi.
    Rv.: Diagonally divided incuse square.
    16,72 g. c. 22 mm.

    Ref.: AMNG II/2, pl. 2,7. Regling, ZfN 37, 1927, 21.

    BoC: 20/2, 1995/6, p. 3.

    FAKE – “The Galvano Boys”. This counterfeit was made with the same reverse-die used for another piece which appeared earlier on the market, see BoC 20/2, 1995/6, p.3.
    The helmet as coin-type belongs to Skione. The counterfeit, which surely is inspired by the rare Skione issue, bears a helmeted head instead of a helmet and the letter pi which should point to Potidaia rather (though the archaic coinage of Potidaia has a horseman as coin-type).