IAPN-Book Prize

Since 1982, in order to encourage the publication of books of scientific and general interest, the IAPN gives an honorary prize for the best numismatic publication of the year.
The prize consists of a medal, a diploma as well as a monetary award.
Books suitable for the prize must be submitted to the Chairman of the Publication committee 90 days before the General Assembly of the Association.

The previous Winners of the IAPN Book Prize are :




2020: DELZANNO, Roberto. Sveriges Guldmynt 1512-2020. Roberto Delzanno, Stockholm, Sweden, ISBN 978-91-639-9466-1 

2019: LORBER, C. Catherine, Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire (2 vols.), hardbound, American Numismatic Society (2018), ISBN: 978-0-89722-356-0

2018: STEVENS, Paul, The Coins of the English East India Company: Presidency Series. A Catalogue and Pricelist, hardbound, Spink Books (January 31, 2018), ISBN-13: 978-1907427701

2017 IAPN Book Prize Winner

2017: PANGERL, Andreas, Portraits: 500 Years of Roman Coin Portraits, hardbound, STAATLICHE MUENZSAMMLUNG MUENCHEN (Munich, GER) 2017, ISBN: 978-3-922840-36-7

2016 IAPN Book Prize Winner

2016: VANHOUDT, Hugo, De munten van de Bourgondische, Spaanse en Oostenrijkse Nederlanden en van de Franse en Hollandse periode, Heverlee 2015, ISBN 978-90-802-8784-3

2015 IAPN Book Prize Winer

2015: CRIPPA, Carlo e Silvana, Le Monete di Milano, Milano 2014.


2014: Vecchi, Italo, Italian Cast Coinage, A descriptive catalogue of the Cast Bronze Coinage and its struck counterparts in ancient Italy from the 7th to 3rd centuries BC, 2013, ISBN978-0-9575784-0-1.


2013 : Krisadaolarn, Ronachai/Mihailovs, Vasilijs, Siamese Coins from Funan to the Fifth Reign.


2012 : Janson, Hector Carlos, La Moneda Circulante en el Territorio Argentino 1574 – 2010, published by the author.

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2011 : Eimer, Christopher, British Commerative Medals and Their Values, ISBN 978-1-907427-06-0.

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2010 : Zöttl, Helmut, Salzburg, Münzen und Medaillen 1500-1800. 2 vol., ISBN 978-3-9502590-0-1/-1-8

2009 : Hurter, S. Mani, Die Didrachmenprägung von Segesta, ISBN 978-3-033015-64.

2008 : McAlee, Richard, The Coins of Roman Antioch, ISBN 0-9709268-9-8.

2007 : J. Vico Monteoliva et al., Corpus Nummorum Visigothorum, ISBN 84-609-8913-5.

2006 : M. Mehl, Die Münzen des Stiftes Quedlinburg, ISBN 3-933420-02-4. 

2005 : S. Cudazzo, Monete Italiane Regionali, Casa Savoia.

2004 : C. Dekesel, Bibliography of the 17th Century Numismatic Books.

2003 : A. Houghton & C. Lorber, Seleucid Coins (2 volumes).

2002 : H.E. Manville, Tokens of the Industrial Revolution 1787-1828.

2001 : E. Diakov, Russian Coins of Peter the Great.

2000 : David L. Vagi, Coinage and History of the Roman Empire (2 volumes).

1999 : P. Voltolina, La Storia di Venezia attraverso le medaglie dal XIV al XIX secolo.

1998 : Money a History & The Story of Money (British Museum).

1997 : Sabine Bourgey, Trésor – Légendes et Réalités.

1996 : U. Klein & A. Raff, Die Württembergischen Medaillen von 1496-1797.

1995 : Stephen Scher, The Currency of Fame. Portrait medals of the Renaissance.

1994 : Ms. M. Caccamo Caltabiano, La Monetazione di Messana.

1993 : R. Friedberg, Gold Coins of the World from Ancient Times to the Present.

1992 : D. Gill, The Coinage of Ethiopia; Eritrea and Italian Somaliland.

1991 : G.K. Jenkins & M. Castro Hipolito, A Catalogue of the Calouste Gulbenkian Collection of Greek Coins, Part II, Lisboa.

1990 : R.D. van Arsdell, Celtic Coinage of Britain.

1989 : D.R. Cooper, The Art and Craft of Coin Making: A History of Minting Technology.

1988 : R. Calciati, Corpus Nummorum Siculorum I-III.

1987 : Ph. Grierson & M. Blackburn, Medeval European Coinage I, The Early Middle Ages.

1986 : D. Eustache, Corpus des Monnaies Alawites (Banque du Maroc).

1985 : D.M. Metcalf, Coinage of the Crusades and the Latin East in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford.

1984 : E.R. Duncan Elias, Anglo-Gallic Coins.

1983 : D. Sear, Greek Imperial Coins.

1982 : M.J. Price (Editor), Coins, 650 BC to the Present Day.