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Stolen Foreign Currency in Pensilvania, USA (Reported Sep 2, 2017)

The following is a partial listing of notes taken from a residence in the Kurtztown,PA area. The offense occurred on August 27, 2017 and resulted in the loss of approximately $40,000 in foreign currency. The victim, Carlson Chambliss, is well known within the currency collecting community.

Partial Listing of stolen notes:

Latin America, heavy in Mexico and Brazil

Dominican Republic

Large amount of Phillipines 1951-2014

Gorilla notes 1941-1945

Mexico  5 P  1936  B7889096     10 P  1936  A5511921

Philippines  5 recent sets of 10 for 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000P with solid nos. 111111, 222222, etc. up to 999999, 1000000         1 set 200 P  000001 to 000010

Cagayan with Revenue stamps  10 c  15312,  1 P 11445,  2 P 26773

Culion Leper Colony  1c  14417    5c  11757   20c  12234   50c  5471 error  7975    1P  14757    5 P  9960    20 P  1162

Negros   50 P  1147        100 P  15065    500 P  564

North Korea   1959   50 won  700638    100 won  329091

Rhodesia    16.11.1964 (WMPC 24 and 25)  10/- and 1 pound  gem CU

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis



Taler 1646 von Sigismund Ludwig (Reported August 10, 2017)

Liebe Kollegen, dieser Taler 1646 von Sigismund Ludwig von Dietrichstein wurde im März in Wien von drei
Dieben, die einen PKW mit kroatischem Kennzeichen fuhren, entwendet.
Provenienz aus der Sammlung Hohenkubin, LANZ GRAZ, Auktion II, Nr. 946. Hinweise bitte an mich.
MfG Dr Hubert Lanz

The Swedish police requesting assistance (Reported June 29, 2017)

Stolen $20

The Swedish police are requesting the assistance of the Numismatic Crime Information Center. They are investigating a serial theft of very rare coins from the Royal Coin cabinet. Among the stolen coins is a $20 dollar 1931D St.Gaudens. Estimated value of 750.000 Swedish Crones. (ca 86 000 $).



Anyone with information contact:

Jan-Åke Törnhage
Police Region Stockholm

Division of Investigation

Phone: +46 10 563 33 27
Mobile: +46708  95 17 27


Doug Davis



Anthony C.L. Rennie’s STOLEN COIN COLLECTION (Reported June 27, 2017)

We would like to inform you that an important collection of Scottish coins from David I onwards has been stolen at a flat in Glasgow recently. It was a collection formed by a prominent collector who had just passed away. The collection spanned the whole period and included most key coins including an excellent run of Mary and James V including many gold issues. We understand that the coins have probably been taken out of the country to Europe. Should you hear of any offerings of Scottish coins from unlikely sources please advisee the Chairman of the BNTA or get in touch with the police handling the case:

The theft was reported at Partick and Kelvinside Police Station, Glasgow on Saturday 7th June to Constable Smith G2915: Incident-No.: 17/06/17 2350.

Christel on behalf of the BNTA

Augustus Denarius Lost (Reported June 16, 2017)

Un colis en provenance des Etats Unis a été déclaré « perdu » à Roissy par la société CHRONOPOST.

Ce colis contenait un denier d’Auguste frappé à LYON avec au revers, un taureau à droite (3,89 g.) RIC I 167a, BMCRE I 451, RSC I 137, BnF I 1373. (photo jointe).

Si par le plus grand des hasards quelqu’un « retrouvait » cette monnaie et vous la présentait, merci de nous en informer.



Tél : 01 42 96 10 12 – Fax : 01 40 20 94 66