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Augustus Denarius Lost (Reported June 16, 2017)

Un colis en provenance des Etats Unis a été déclaré « perdu » à Roissy par la société CHRONOPOST.

Ce colis contenait un denier d’Auguste frappé à LYON avec au revers, un taureau à droite (3,89 g.) RIC I 167a, BMCRE I 451, RSC I 137, BnF I 1373. (photo jointe).

Si par le plus grand des hasards quelqu’un « retrouvait » cette monnaie et vous la présentait, merci de nous en informer.



Tél : 01 42 96 10 12 – Fax : 01 40 20 94 66

snennp-chaine-des-[email protected]

Thailand 50 Baht Lost in Mail (Reported June 20, 2017)

This Thailand 50 Baht 1951 gold coin was sent by DHL from Echerdingen, Germany to Oslo, Norway 10th of May 2017. 

1951 Thailand Government Gold bonds, 50b.(Km#1) the small one is 20mm diameter & 1.8mm thickness,  obverse Garuda & text “Gold Bond – Thai Government”, reverse “Purity 0.995 – weighs 8.693 gms.

Last tracking in Hamburg on 11th of May.

If you have any information about the coin please contact Jan Olav Aamlid e-mail [email protected] 

telephone +66 81 845 5404

Best regards,

Jan Olav Aamlid


Stolen/Missing-FEDEX-UPS Packages in California (Reported May 5, 2017)

During the last thirty days multiple UPS packages shipped from Redding California have either been tampered with or stolen.

Shipped to Westmont, IL              4/19/17                Tampered Package         Missing ( 75 ) British Old King Sovereign

Shipped to Addison, TX                 3/6/17                   Missing Package               Missing (  5 ) 10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars and ( 20 ) Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf

Shipped to Addison, TX                 3/31/17                Missing Package               Missing ( 3 ) 100 oz Misc. Silver Bars, ( 1 ) 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar and ( 1 ) 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar

Shipped to Decatur, IL                   3/27/17                Tampered Package         Missing ( 20 ) 1 oz Silver Round Saint Gaudens design

Shipped to Willow Street, PA      4/6/17                   Tampered Package         Missing ( 25 ) 1 oz Canadian Silver Lynx, ( 100 ) 1 oz Donald Trump Silver Rounds

Shipped from Redding then went to the UPS hands in Anderson ( Redding UPS hub ) then to Mather Air (Sacramento) or West Sacramento hub.

Two FEDEX packages were stolen/missing two days apart in Southern California.

One package contained 2 coins an 1825 Bust half in AU and an 1885 3 cent nickel business strike with a corrosion spot on the reverse. The second package contained three Johnson Matthew gold kilo bars. The packages may have been stolen/missing in the Pacomia FEDEX facility in the San Fernando Valley.

Any help is appreciated.

Anyone with information contact:

Doug Davis


[email protected]

Coin stolen from Bode-Museum in Berlin (Reported March 27, 2017)

In the early morning there was the following coin stolen from Bode-Museum in Berlin:

Kanada, 1.000.000 Dollars 2007, Maple Leaf (Weight: 100 kg Feingold)

Information please to Landeskriminalamt Berlin [email protected] Tel. 0049-30-4664-944411

Missing/Stolen Coin – New York (Reported March 8, 2017)

MIssing/Stolen Coin

A package was delivered to a New York dealer on Wednesday March 8, 2017. The postal and Internal box were open. The following coin was missing from the package:

(1458-90) Hungary 1GG Matthias Corvinus NGC 64 the NGC Cert # 3725539-003

Below is a link to the NGC website with image of the coin.


Anyone with information please contact:

 Doug Davis
Doug @numismaticcrimes.org