Lost Coin Archive

Frankfurt – Theft from a Collector – 14.09.2015

Theft of  – in total – 230 Gold Coins:

– German Empire Gold /Reichsgoldmünzen (30 pcs/Stück, i.e./u.a. Wurttemberg, 5 Mark 1877)
 – USA 20 Dollar starting/ab 1854 (10 Stück)
– Prussia/Preussen: Doppelter Friedrichs d’or 1750 A
 – Nurnberg/Nürnberg, Lammdukat 1700
 – and further Bullion Gold Coins/darüber hinaus die üblichen Anlagegoldmünzen

Any information to:

Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. Münzhandlung
Bornwiesenweg 34
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Fon: +49 69 959662-0
Fax: +49 69 555995

Osnabrueck – Theft from a collector – 3.8.2015

A group of coins and medals (and jewelry) were stolen from a collector in Osnabrueck. Please, see the pdf.

The material is very characteristic, so easy to spot if offered.

Paris – Stolen from Collector. Sicily. Tetradrachm.

The hereunder coin has been stolen from a collector in Paris. Any information should be sent to our corresponding member Alain Weil from Paris (weil.alain@wanadoo.fr).

La monnaie ci-dessous a été volée chez un collectionneur à Paris. Toute information peut être fournie à notre membre correspondant Alain Weil de Paris (weil.alain@wanadoo.fr).

Classical Numismatic Group > Triton V, Auction date: 15 January 2002 Lot number: 1176

SICILY, Kamarina. Circa 425-405 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.95 gm).
Athena driving galloping quadriga right, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left; Nike flying above and placing open wreath on Athena’s head, grain in exergue / KAMAPINAION, youthful head of Herakles left, wearing lion’s skin headdress.
Westermark and Jenkins 147 (O7/R15 – this coin); SNG ANS 1206 (same dies); SNG Munich 402 var. (same obverse die); Jameson 525 var. (same obverse die).
Attractively toned, near EF, finely engraved reverse die. ($7500)
From the William N. Rudman Collection. Ex Triton III (30 November – 1 December 1999), lot 199; Numismatic Fine Arts Auction XXX (8 December 1992), lot 6; Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection, Part III (Sotheby’s, 4 December 1990), lot 20 (realized $12,100). Although not signed, this obverse die is attributed to the master artist Exakestidas.

Amsterdam – Theft Auction lots with Fedex of Schulman BV.

As most of you have heard, a major theft happened after their auction sale, where many Fedex packages were stolen. As per today, no list of stolen items has been issued, so unfortunately we are not able to let you know which coins are missing. They are working to it, and I was just told there will be one withing 10 working days.

Comme la plupart le savent, un vol important a eu lieu après leur vente, et de nombreux envois Fedex ont été volés. A ce jour, aucune liste des monnaies disparues n’a été établie, et je suis donc malheureusement dans l’incapacité de vous signaler les monnaies manquantes. Ils y travaillent, et viennent de me dire que cette liste sera disponible dans les 10 prochains jours

Paris – Coins stolen from a Fedex papckage shipped via Paris


It is only in the past few weeks that it has become apparent that the following 44 coins as below are currently missing from a larger submission to an office in Paris that were sent via Federal Express on November 17th. It has been established that these coins went missing in the Paris area. If any member is offered these coins please report to:

Julie Lecoindre
Baldwin & Sons Ltd
Email julie@baldwin.co.uk
Tel. +44 (0)20 7930 6879


1. Great-Britain. 1887 Crown. Silver. Proof.

2. Great-Britain. 1888 Crown. Silver. Mint State

3. Great-Britain. 1899 LXII Crown. Silver. Mint State.
4. Great-Britain. 1935 Crown. Silver. Proof raised edge.

5. Great-Britain. 1965 Crown. Cupro-Nickel. VIP Specimen Satin Finish.

6. 2 x Bulgaria. 1881 Heaton mint 2-Stotinki. Copper. Proof, as struck.

 [  NO IMAGE AVAILABLE  ] 7. 2 x Bulgaria. 1881 Heaton mint 5-Stotinki. Copper. Proof, as struck.

 [  NO IMAGE AVAILABLE  ] 8. 2 x South Africa. 1947 5-Shillings. Silver. Proof, as struck.

9. Russia. 1724/25 Poltina. Silver.

10. Russia. 1840 3-Kopecks. Copper, Izhora mint

11. Russia. 1840 2-Kopecks. Copper, Izhora mint

 [  NO IMAGE AVAILABLE  ] 12. 5 x Canada 1954 set of 6 coins (shoulder fold). Proof. Silver and cupro-nickel issues, as struck.