The hereunder coin has been stolen from a collector in Paris. Any information should be sent to our corresponding member Alain Weil from Paris ([email protected]).

La monnaie ci-dessous a été volée chez un collectionneur à Paris. Toute information peut être fournie à notre membre correspondant Alain Weil de Paris ([email protected]).

Classical Numismatic Group > Triton V, Auction date: 15 January 2002 Lot number: 1176

SICILY, Kamarina. Circa 425-405 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.95 gm).
Athena driving galloping quadriga right, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left; Nike flying above and placing open wreath on Athena’s head, grain in exergue / KAMAPINAION, youthful head of Herakles left, wearing lion’s skin headdress.
Westermark and Jenkins 147 (O7/R15 – this coin); SNG ANS 1206 (same dies); SNG Munich 402 var. (same obverse die); Jameson 525 var. (same obverse die).
Attractively toned, near EF, finely engraved reverse die. ($7500)
From the William N. Rudman Collection. Ex Triton III (30 November – 1 December 1999), lot 199; Numismatic Fine Arts Auction XXX (8 December 1992), lot 6; Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection, Part III (Sotheby’s, 4 December 1990), lot 20 (realized $12,100). Although not signed, this obverse die is attributed to the master artist Exakestidas.