ANCIENT - Greek - ID: 233

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-01-20

    Weight: 8 g

    PERSIA. Achaemenid Kingdom.

    Av.: Young Achaemenid king, beardless, running to r., holding spear and bow.
    Rv.: Rectangular incuse, to r., incuse head of Pan (?).
    8,35 g.

    Ref.: BMC Arabia p.156,61 and pl. 25,14.

    BoC. 19/1, 1994, p. 6.

    FAKE – The weight is standard daric weight, though perhaps a little high. The counterfeitis struck from modern dies. The gold is yellow and the general aspect modern. This counterfeit is clearly modelled on the only known daric in the British Museum which shows the king beardless.

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