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    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-01-20

    CARIA. Satraps of Caria.
    Queen Ada, sister-wife of king  Hidrieus, 344-240 B.C.

    Av.: Laureate head of Apollo, three-quarter facing.er.
    Rv.: Zeus Labraundus advancng to r. with double axe and spear, to r., inscription.
    c. 15 g.

    BoC. 19/1, 1994, p. 9.

    FAKE – This interesting counterfeit is a by-product of the large Carian hoard of 1978 (as was the false tetradrachm of Hidrieus published in BoC 10/2, 1985, p.16). The obverse, which is not very sucessfull, is slightly reminiscent of the Apollo heads on the tetradrachms of Hidrieus though it does not copy an exact die. The Zeus on the other hand is a good copy of reverses of Hidrieus and Pixodarus. As for the queen´s name rendered in the genitive, it seems that the counterfeiter did not remember his lessons in ancient Greek.

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