- ID: 757

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1999-09-12


    AR-Tetradrachm, after 189 B. C.
    Av.: Laureate head of Apollo r.
    Rv.: Apollo Smintheus standing r., quiver at shoulder, holding patera, bow and arrow.

    Ref.: cf. BMC 22 ff., BoC 8, 1/2, 1983, p. 18.

    – The reverse is straight forward: it is the second issue of the city, a similar specimen occured in the Babylon hoard, see ZfN 38 (1928), 70. The obverse is a counterfeit die of Myrina which was published in Bulletin 5 Nr. 1/2, p. 8, 2. On the genuine coin the head of Apollo is of somewhat similar style but faces left.

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