- ID: 246

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1998-01-21

    George V, 1910-1936.

    Copper-One Penny 1930, Melbourne.
    Av.: Crowned bust of George V to l.
    Rv.: Value.
    9,50 g.

    Ref.: KM 23.

    BoC: 19/, 1994, p. 21.

    FAKE – The coin looks perfectly normal at the first sight and only stron magnification reveals the alteration of the date. After being manipulated the coin is coated with a chemical finish which gives them a slightly frosted surface. It is toned to pleasant dark chocolate brown which hides the alteration well.
    According to our english colleagues this very deceptive altered penny was offered from France and it appears that the alteration was made there.

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