- ID: 62

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1997-08-15

    August the Younger, 1635-1666.

    Taler (so-called bell taler) 1643.
    Av.: .AUGUSTS.HERTZOG.ZU.BRAUN:U:LUN  Half bust to l. with helmet.
    Rv.: (Mintmark)*ALLES*MIT*BEDACHT*AO. – 1643  Bell with W.A.I.D.I.R. on rim dividing TAN-DEM, below M.VIIB.14.ZZ.
    28,26 g.

    Ref.: Fiala 200. Knigge 631. Dav. 6374B.

    FAKE – The piece is weakly struck and the edge has been neatly hammered all around.

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