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    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1997-08-10

    PHOENICIA. Byblos.
    King Azbaal.

    Tetradrachm, about 340 B.C.
    Av.: Galley with horse´s head as figure-head, manned by three armed men, beneath hippocamp.
    Rv.: Lion devouring a bull.
    13,83 g.

    Ref.: cf. Traité II, pl. 117, 21-22. Bulletin on Counterfeits 9/1, 1984, p.6f.

    FAKE – A group of dangerous counterfeits, copied from specimens of a hoard discovered 1983.
    The weights on record are good average, i.e. between 13,8 and 14 g

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