ANCIENT - Greek CELTIC, Northeast Gaul The Mediomatrici - ID: 2318

    Submitter: Jean-Luc VAN DER SCHUEREN, Laurent JERNANDER

    Added: 2010-02-14

    Source: IBSCC Condemned

    Region: CELTIC, Northeast Gaul

    City: The Mediomatrici

    Metal: Gold

    Denomination: Stater

    Diameter: 14,56-14,80

    Weight: 1 g

    Celtic coinage

    AU-Gold Stater.
    Head of Apollo, Pegasus on flower with a degenerated legend, Castellin 494 var., Scheers 149 var.
    1,85g., 11 h., 14,56-14,80 mm.
    IBSCC Case n°2008/12/02

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