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    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 2001-04-20

    Chalcidian League.

    AV-1/2 Stater.
    Av.: Laureate head of Apollo to r.
    Rv.: Kithara, below, magistrateĀ“s name.
    4,01 g.

    Ref.: BoC 24/1, 1999, p. 27, 1A, cf. Robinson-Clement pl. XVII, IV (gold stater).

    – The dies for this counterfeit were evidently taken from an electrotype of the BM specimen. No gold half staters of the Chalcidian League seem to be known, just some very rare staters and two or three quarter staters, they all date to the last years of the League, before Olynthos was destroyed in 348 B.C.

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