- ID: 751

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1999-07-10


    AR-Tetradrachm, 412/350 B.C.
    Av.: Sphinx seated l., clearly bearded, to l., amphora an bunch of grapes.
    Rv.: Quadripartite incuse square.
    15,42 g.

    Ref.: cf. BMC 28 ff., pl. XXXII, 8, BoC 8, 1/2, 1983, p. 15.

    – In Greek art, the sphinx is always represeted as a lioness with the chest and head of a woman. This coin, however, shows the lady with a beard. The rare 4th century tetradrachms of Chios have on the reverse a magistrates name. Here, we find the name of a close-by island!