ANCIENT - Greek SICILY Akragas - ID: 2503

    Submitter: Jürg RICHTER

    Added: 2014-05-08

    Source: IAPN member contribution

    Region: SICILY

    City: Akragas

    Metal: Silver

    Denomination: Tetradrachm

    Weight: 17 g

    ANCIENT – Greek
    Metal: Silver
    Denomination: Tetradrachm
    Tetradrachm c. 409/406. Quadriga galloping to right, about to turn, being driven by female figure in flowing robes, above, Nike flying to l. and crowning the charioteer. In exergue, crab. Rev. Two eagles standing to r. on smitten hare lying on rock, the front eagle with closed wings and head raised, the other with open wings and bent head downwards. 17.64 g. Franke/Hirmer 61. Jameson 1889. Kraay/Hirmer 178. Rizzo pl. II, 1.

    FAKE – pressure cast (?)
    cf. Sincona auction 17, no. 15

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