ANCIENT - Greek SICILY Syracuse - ID: 6300

    Submitter: Jean-Luc VAN DER SCHUEREN, Laurent JERNANDER

    Added: 2016-08-25

    Region: SICILY

    City: Syracuse

    Metal: Silver

    Denomination: Tetradrachm

    Diameter: 25,38-26,35

    Weight: 17 g

    Sicily. Syracuse. Tetradrachm, signed by Kimon, C. 406-400, AR.
    Head of Arethusa facing three-quarters l., wearing pearl-shaped pendant and necklace over collier ornamented with pearls; hair flowing in loose tresses. Acrosss her forehead ampyx upon which the signature K(IMΩ) N; around three dolphins swimming among the locks and the snout of a fourth emerging l. from curls. In l. field, SIW and above, outside the dotted border, APEΘOΣA. Rev. Fast quadriga driven l. by chiton clad charioteer, holding kentron and reins; above, Nike flying r., holding wreath to crown the charioteer; on the exergual line, KIMWN. In exergue , SYPAKOSIWN / ear of barley l. Rizzo pl. XLVIII, 11 (this obverse die) and 10 (this reverse die). Jameson 822 (these dies).de Luynes 1226 (these dies). Boston 417 (these dies). Boehringer, SNR 57, 1978, pl.31, 297 (these dies). Boehringer, Essays Thompson, pl 38,4 (these dies). Kraay-Hirmer pl.45, 123 (this obverse die) and pl. 44,122 (this reverse die). Cahn, Arethusa Soteira, 1b (these dies) Tuder 80. Die axes 06 h.
    IBSCC Case: 2016/02/04

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