ANCIENT - Roman Republican - ID: 6801

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 2020-02-10

    Metal: Silver

    Diameter: 19

    Weight: 335 g

    Roman Republic.The Social War. Coinage of the Marsic Confederation. 90-88 BC. AR Denarius  Series 6a. Mint moving with C. Papius C.f. Mutilus, possibly in Campania. Struck 90 BC. Obv.: Head of Bacchus right, wearing ivy wreath; mútil.embratur (in Oscan) to right. Rev.: Bull standing right on back of wolf standing right, goring it; c.paapi (in Oscan) in exergue. Campana, Monetazione 100 (D65/R87); Sydenham 641; BMCRR Social War 41 (same dies); HN Italy 427; RBW.Die axes: 07 h.
    IBSCC Case n° 2019/08/02

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