ANCIENT - Greek - ID: 6808

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 2021-03-04

    Metal: Gold

    Diameter: 18

    Weight: 1395 g

    Ptolemy II Philadelphos, 285 – 246 BC. Tetradrachm, Alexandria after 265 BC, AV. Obv.:ΑΔΕΛΦΩΝ Jugate busts r. of Ptolemy II, draped and diademed and Arsinoe II, diademed and veiled; behind, shield. Rev.: ΘΕΩΝ Jugate busts r. of Ptolemy I, draped and diademed and Berenice I, diademed and veiled. Svoronos 604. SNG Copenhagen 133. Die axes: 11h.

    IBSCC Case n° 2020/01/01

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