- ID: 189

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-01-04

    IONIA. Ephesus.

    Electrum Stater, c. 600 B.C.
    Av.: Stag to r. with head lowered, above Greek inscription.
    Rv.: Three incuse sinkings, that in the centre oblong, the others square, with geometrical figures.
    14,21 g.

    Ref.: BMC Ionia , pl.III,8. Seltman, Greek Coins, pl.VI,1.

    BoC: 17/2, 1992/3, p.11.

    FAKE – A free copy of a stater which had appeared some 20 years ago: Kastner 4, 1973, lot 89. The lettering of this counterfeit is less angular than on the original, and the branch on which the stag is standing is turned into an exergual line.

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