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    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-02-12

    Galeria Valeria, Wife of Galerius, 293-311 A.D.

    AV-Aureus, Siscia, 308-309 A.D.
    Av.: CALVALE-RIAAVG  Diademed and draped bust on crescent to r.
    Rv.: VICTRICI-VENERI / SIS  Venus standing to l., holding apple, to l. in field, star.
    5,42 g. c. 20 mm.

    Ref.: Cohen 4. RIC p.478, 196.

    BoC: 20/1, 1995, p. 19.

    FAKE – This false aureus is obviously a free copy of the coin offered in the Bank Leu sale 52, 1991, lot. 275, now with a star on the reverse. It surely is by the same die-cutter as, among many other things, the Licinius aureus which is illustrated on the cover of BoC 1/1, 1986. The on the reverse never occurs on aurei of this empress.

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