- ID: 431

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-11-16

    Gordianus III, 238-244 A. D.

    AE-Medaillon, 241 A. D., Rome.
    Av.: IMP-GORDIANVS PIVS FELIX AVG Laureate and cuirassed bust r., spear above left shoulder.
    Rv.: PONTIFEX MAX TR P IIII, in exergue: COS II PP Emperor standing l. with branch and sceptre in Quadriga, facing, crowned by Victory, the outer horses of the quadriga are conducted by two soldiers.
    37,77 g. 34 mm. 12 h.

    Ref.: Gnecchi pl. 105, 6. BMC 3, pl. 41.


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