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    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 2001-02-14

    Wladislaus II Jagello, 1490-1516.

    4 Ducats 1508, commemorating the coronation of Prince Louis II..
    Av.: *WLADILAVS.D.G.R.VNGA.RIE.ET.BOHEM Crowned and cuirassed bust of king Wladislaus II to l.
    Rv.: .LVDOVICVS.FILIVS.VNGARIE.ET.BOHE.1508 The youthful Prince Louis seated on cushion, below, CORONATVS.
    13,78 g, 30,6 mm, 6 h.

    Ref.: Coll. Horsky 710 (AR), Coll. Salgo, Spink-Taisei/Roland Michel 50, 1994, no. 175 (5 ducats).

    -Struck. The style does not fit to all known examples.

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