- ID: 345

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1998-04-10

    Iotapian, 248-249 A.D.

    AR-Antoninian, Seleukeia in Syria.
    Av.: IMP C M F RV IOTAPOIANVS  Radiate bust to r., draped and cuirassed.
    Rv.: VICTORIA AVG Victoria advancing to l. with wreath and palm branch.

    Ref.: cf. Roger Bland, The Coinage of Iotapian, Essays in Honour of Robert Carson and Kenneth Jenkins, London 1993, pl. 25.

    Prov.: Hamburger October 1925, lot 1408.

    BoC: 21/2, 1996/7, p.23.

    FAKE – In 1993 Roger Bland knew of 17 genuine antoniniani of this ephemeral ursurper and of almost as many published counterfeits. This above piece is a good specimen of a 19th century fake.

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