- ID: 759

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1999-09-18


    Av.: Head of Athena, helmeted, l.
    Rv.: Forepart of Pegasos r., below, letter lambda.
    7,77 g.

    Ref.: Baldwin in AJN 53 (1924), pl. 2, 5-8, BoC 8, 1/2, 1983, p. 17.

    – Struck. The obverse copies Lampsacene staters as A. Baldwin, AJN 53 (1924), pl. 2, 5-8. The counterfeit shows a shallow round incuse on the reverse, genuine staters have an incuse square, lightly indicated. The letter lambda is totally wrong: throughout the long series gold staters of Lampsacus are always anepigraphic. The weight, lastly, is too low, it should be ca. 8,2-8,4 g.

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