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    Louis XIII, 1610-1643.

    Dix louis d´or au col nu 1640, Paris mint.
    Av.: LVD.XIII.D.G. – FR.ET.NAV.REX / .1640.  Laureate head of louis XIII to r.
    Rv.: CHRISTVS.REGNAT.VINCIT.ET.IMPERAT.  Cross of crowned monograms with lilies in the corners, in center A.
    67,46 g. 46 mm.

    Ref. cf. Gad. 62. Ciani 1607. Friedberg 405.

    BoC: 21/2, 1996/7, p. 30.

    RESTRIKE – This pair of dies originally served to strike pieces of 8 louis and 10 louis. For this restrike the reverse die was repaired in several places, especially between the letters I and M of IMPERAT where a die-break was removed and where now a small boss is visible in the field. Other characteristics of the restrike are the colour, the flatness of the fields and the perfectly rounded smooth edge.
    For genuine specimens from these dies with the typical reeded (cannelé) edge see BoC 21/2 or the enlargement of lot 177 in the catalogue Crédit de la Bourse, 24.11.1995.

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