- ID: 495

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1999-02-22

    Magnentius, 350-353.

    Silver trial-piece of AV-3 Solidi, 350/352, Aquileia.
    Av.: IMP CAES MAG-NENTIVS AVG Draped and cuirassed bust r.
    Rv.: LIBERATOR.REI.PVBLICAE, in exergue: SMAQ. Emperor, nimbate, rides r. on stallion, in front of him, Res Publica, wearing mural crown and holding cornucopiae, kneels l.

    Ref.: RIC 122, Gnecchi 1, BoC 22/1, 1997, p. 16/17, 4a.


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