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    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 2001-04-27

    Peter the Great, 1682-1725.

    AR-Ruble 1704.
    Av.: Bare bust of Peter to r.
    Rv.: Double eagle, to l., Cyrillic date.
    26,64 g.

    Ref.: BoC 13/1, 1988, p. 24, 12, Severin 140.

    – Cast. The weight is slightly light which is immediately suspicious in view of fact that this item exhibits little wear. Genuine specimens fall in the range of 27,81 to 28,70 g. Particularly damning are the traces of tooling behind the bust and the scratch before the M in the obverse legend. Upon close inspection, neither shows any reference of tool marks or metal movement because they were transferred from the coin that was copied. Similarly, the reverse die breaks show no metal movement.

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