- ID: 136

    Submitter: Federico Pastrone

    Added: 1997-11-19


    AV 6 ducats n.d. (1745-65).
    Av.: City view.
    Rv.: Laureate bust of Emperor Franz I to r.

    Ref.: Beckenbauer 316,VI.

    BoC: 18/1, 1993, p. 26.

    FAKE – This piece belongs to the workshop of Wentzlaff. He made this fake with a self-constructed roller machine. The dies were made by a galvanic process. Silver pieces in very good conditions served him as models. A list of known forgeries are published in the BoC 18/1,1993. Be aware, that some coins were also struck in different weights.

    This piece appeared 1984 on the market.

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