- ID: 379

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-04-21


    Av.: Head of Heliios, facing.
    Rv.: Rose, to r., bud, to l., sphinx seated to l., all within incuse square.
    15,11 g. c. 25 mm.

    Ref.: Bérend, SNR 51, 1972, 23 (obv.) and 26 (rev.).

    BoC: 20/2, 1995/6, p. 5.

    FAKE – “The Galvano Boys”. The obverse is close to Bérend 24-26 while the reverse with the sphinx symbol is close to 25-31, without copying a specific die of the published series. It is quite possible that the model of this counterfeit is an unrecorded specimen from the Marmaris hoard. Unless, of course, he copied a Christodoulous counterfeit, see Svoronos 480. – The surface is satiny and slightly pink. The obverse is very good, the reverse somewhat less so, the flower shows no indication of a stem and the incuse square is unnatural. Dangerous!

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