- ID: 295

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-02-25

    SICILY. Syracuse.

    Av.: Head of Arethusa to l., wearing corn wreath, around three dolphins.
    Rv.: Quadriga galloping to l., led by a female charioteer who is being crowned by Nike.
    15,19 g. c. 31 mm.

    BoC.: 12/1, 1987, p. 11. and 20/1, 1995, p. 31.

    FAKE – This coin is a concotion, vaguely following the well-known Syracusan tetradrachms of Agathokles, but replacing Nike, the charioteer, by a wingless lady. It is in fact a typical fake for tourists. There is an amusing and interesting detail, however, the coin is signed. Between the exergue line there is a clear signature in Cyrillic script (Slavei).

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