ANCIENT - Greek CELTIC, Britain Trinovantes & Catuvellauni - ID: 2244

    Submitter: Jean-Luc VAN DER SCHUEREN

    Added: 2007-01-19

    Source: IAPN member contribution

    Region: CELTIC, Britain

    City: Trinovantes & Catuvellauni

    Ruler: Dubnovellaunus

    Metal: Gold

    Denomination: Stater

    Weight: 40 g

    TRINOVANTES (Celts).


    Branch AV-Stater.
    Crescents. Rv. Horse l.
    5.40g. VA1655.
    Too cupped, clumsy lettering.
    This fake belongs to a group of 17 fakes which recently came to light when Michael Sharp of Dix Noonan Webb was looking through an old collection formed several decades ago. Chris Rudd has published them in some international numismatic journals for collectors.