- ID: 267

    Submitter: Jean-Luc

    Added: 1998-02-11

    SPAIN. Visigothic Kings.
    Chindasvinth, 642-653 A.D.

    AV-Tremissis, Emerita mint.
    Av.: +CHINDASVINTVS Bust facing.
    Rv.: +EMERITAPIVS Bust facing.

    Ref.: cf. Miles 330a.

    BoC: 20/1, 1995, p. 10.

    FAKE – This coin is typical of new counterfeits which purport to come from a large hoard found in Andalusia around 1985. The items with weights have been published as forgeries by the Asociati├│n Numism├ítica Sabadell.

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